M Light Wing


Light Wing M
  • Light 3,3 kg
  • Simple
  • Made for Hike&Fly and local ridge soaring
  • Simple takeoff and precise handling
  • Optimal take off weight between 75 kg and 100 kg

Flight characteristics

Simple and rapid inflation of the wing at takeoff, direct and responsive handling which is additionally improved by somewhat more intense force in the brake lines. M enables precise steering in tight as well as in wide flat turns. Trim speed is 38 km/h and can be increased with the use of speed system by approximately 10 km/h. M returns to normal flight in all test maneuvers with no action of the pilot required. Rapid descent maneuvers: “EARS” and B-STALL are easy. Sink rate is effectively increased, descending is stable. Both maneuvers are easy to exit from. At trim speed of 38 km/h sink rate with “EARS” is between 3 and 3,5 m/s. Sink rate in B-STALL is between 7 and 8 m/s. In SPIRAL DIVE glider rapidly increases speed and bank angle and reaches sink rate of 14 m/s in two full turns (720 degrees). Turn speed in spiral dive can be precisely and effectively controlled with the pull of the opposite (outside half of the wing) brake.

Target groups

M is ideal choice for H&F pilots as well as for those who enjoy local ridge soring and dynamic thermal flying. Its light and simple construction makes it great for prolonging hiking into a few hours of flying. Lightness and low-volume packing makes it an indispensable travel companion.


2Top surfaceDOKDO 20Flat Area24,25m2
3Lower surfacePORCHER skytex 27 classicNr Cells29
4RibsPORCHER skytex 27 classicFlat Wingspan10,64m
5Lines upper galleryLIROS DC 60Flat AR4,7
6Middle linesLIROS DC 120Projected Area20,4m2
7Main linesEDELRID A,B,C- 190 daN - 1,7 mm - aramidProjected Span8,4m
8Brake linesEDELRID 60 daN PES – aramid - 1,0 mmProjected AR3,5
9Brake line mainBrake line main EDELRID 280 daN - 1,8mm - aramidTrim speed km/h38/40
10RaisersBand 15 mm MOUKA TISNOVSpeed max km/h48/50
11CarabinersPEGUET inox MRTake-off weight65kg - 100kg