Rescues FG

Our new FG rescue line is made up on an extensive development and test procedure. The rescue is super stable, both certified sizes corespond pilots weights to reach falling speed at very safe 5,1 m/s.
Three side oppenings stabilise vertical speed and position.
Our rescues are produced in Europe.

The canopy is done of:
UTT Nylon material 25g/m2 and 32g/m2
Liros Dyneema lines (350 kg)
Liros D-Pro 5 mm line ( 2600 kg)


1MODELFG 31 LightFG 31FG 35FG 40FG 56 Tandem
2Surface31 m231 m235 m240 m256 m2
3Surface projection19,6 m219,6 m222,8 m228 m238 m2
5Max take-off weight90 kg90 kg110 kg130 kg200 kg
6Sink rate5,2m/s5,1m/s5,1m/s5,1m/s5,5m/s
7Line numbers1616182022
8Certificate EN 12491:2001-YesYes--