• X-RO is basic light paragliding harness with a 15 cm foam protector
  • We produce it in two sizes M and L to fit pilots up to 175 cm and taller
  • Seat board is 35 and 38 cm long
  • Harness weight 2700 g
  • Light version of normal harness
  • Rescue container is integrated under the seat
  • PVC foam protector
  • Plastic seat board 35/M and 37/L
  • Rescue attachment on shoulders
  • Sizes M and L
  • Metal parts Australpin

Light harness ALP30

ALP30 is an extremly light (350g) and safe mountaineering paragliding harness.

ALP 50

Extremly light functional harness developed and produced specialy for Hike&Fly adventures. ALP 50 has only 550g, no hard parts and a very small volume. There is a bag on the back part and a walking sticks attachent possibility.



Backpacks are produced in 3 sizes for different choises regarding equipement volume.

Small – 30l
Medium – 60l
Large – 90l


Frontcontainers are also produced 3 sizes M,L and XL wich fit for all rescue sizes and can be used with all harnesses. Y tape for fixing the rescue on both main carabiners is an option.