Q Mini Wing

Q is miniwing for those who want to catch some thermals and enjoy the sky longer. It is safe wing with simple, lightweight construction (26 cells, 2.5 kg) and excellent flying performances.

Konstruction details and materials for Q 26 cells, with mini ribs on the trailing edge, PVC rods  on leading edge. There is a tension tape on the whole D line.

The Q is a so-called hibrid three line wing, so A, B, C and D gallery lines are joined on three  main lines Reisers have speed  system for additional 8-10 km/h Upper surface is done from  a 27 g/ m2 material and bottom surface from 23g /m2  material.


X Mini Wing

X is our smallest and fastest wing. Low weight (2.1 kg) and high trim speed (42 km/h) make it perfect for mountain flying and extreme weather conditions. Due to its dynamic nature and high speeds X is suitable for experienced hands.

Both – “ears” and B-stall, are very stable and effective altitude reducing maneuvers at X.

Some construction details: there are PVC rods in leading edge, tension tapes on D-line and mini ribs on trailing edge. There are A, B, C and D gallery lines attached to a three tape raiser with the additional trim possibility for higher speed. The upper surface is from a durable 27 g material and bottom surface from a lighter 23 g material. There are lines attached to all profiles for a better weight distribution.


A B C +
1 X Q
2 Flat Area 17m² 21m²
3 Nr Cells 26 26
4Flat Wingspan8,5 m9,5m
5Flat AR4,34,3
6Projected Area14,0m²17,4m²
7Trim speed km/h43km/h – 90kg39km/h – 90kg
8Speed max km/h53km/h52km/h
9Take-off weight min60 kg60 kg
10Weight2,1 kg2,5 kg


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